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Welcome to Sips & Stems!

Ever since I was a kid, I had an immense attraction to artistic design and was always drawn to what I considered, aesthetically pleasing. From interior design and fashion to florals and party decor, I loved the idea of creating something different and beautiful that the world could enjoy.

As I grew older, I found myself designing florals in my spare time and creating table centerpieces for my many hosting events. I was finding any occasion to host a party and make a stunning floral centerpiece for my table scape and come up with delicious cocktails to pair. I loved creating experiences that my guests would forever remember and that's when I thought....I know what would be perfect! 

This is when Sips & Stems was born.

Our passion for flowers & cocktails has driven us to create a unique experience that combines the beauty of fresh blooms with the sophistication of handcrafted drinks. 

We provide expertly crafted bouquets that perfectly compliment our hand selected signature mixers. With a step by step guide, you too can create the perfect cocktail or mocktail from your home.

Whether you're looking to host a special event or simply enjoy a night in, we invite you to discover what the buzz is all about.















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