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Spiced Apple Toddy

Spiced Apple Toddy

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Handmade sugar cubes infused with vibrant spices and a hint of a freshly picked fall apple. The heartwarming holiday flavor is a slice of home. Make instant hot toddies or virgin toddy tea. 

Made from 100% natural ingredients. No extra chemicals or additives. Less than a teaspoon of sugar per luxe cube. Approximately 16 calories and 4 carbs. Our ingredients are exclusively sourced from fair-trade farms. 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. 

How to use: 

Step 1: Saturate spiced apple toddy cube in 2oz of water and muddle. 
Step 2: Add 2oz of whisky or apple bourbon. 
Step 3: Add 1tsp of water. 
Step 4: Stir over ice, strain and serve straight up in a new glass over ice. 

Ingredients- Cane sugar, clove oil, natural lemon oil, natural spiced apple flavor, & safflower petals. 

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